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As the real estate market evolves, home staging is rapidly becoming the solution to transforming a house into a homeowner’s dream. Stage2Move is founded on delivering the highest standards of excellence in design, service and investment value. Our experienced and professional design team creates an emotional experience for prospective home buyers through innovative design, high end furnishings and accessories, and recognizing the unique features of each home we stage.

What is Home Staging?

Home staging is an effective and economical approach to selling your home for your desired price. The goal of this type of staging is to show the buyer the practical use of the living space and accentuate high impact areas.

  • Create a positive connection for prospective buyers by clearly highlighting the physical space
  • Furniture placement and essential items reveal the optimal space utilization
  • High impact areas are emphasized while utilizing challenging areas
  • Furniture and accessories are incorporated from our available, in-stock merchandise
  • Keywords: Semi-custom, Practical, Furniture Placement, Good Impression

Our charter is to serve as many people as possible regarding  the home staging and design process and educate on how Feng Shui augments all aspects of each process. We believe that the more you know, the easier the process will be, and that you will be much more comfortable with your decisions.

That’s why we continue to update our training and learn what best fits today’s client. We work with Certified Feng Shui Consultants and Real Estate Professionals, Design Industry leaders and trend setters. Utilizing this knowledge we bring the best results possible to our clients!

Leading the Way with Innovation!

 As part of our residential design and resale staging campaign we use Feng Shui, the Earth Art and science of placement along with color and intention to bring auspicious harmony and balance to the environment.

Mindful use of Feng Shui taps into the positive life force energy available to every living being. The power of placement increases auspicious energy flow throughout the environment. Color increases the emotional, physical and visual appeal of the surroundings and intention sets the vibrational energy pattern for the universe to manifest. Redesigning energy fields present in our environment leads to creating sacred spaces thatare wonderfully alive and comforting.

In Real Estate, this equates to greater property exposure to the largest number of potential buyers, improved highlighted features and benefits of your home, better relations with potential buyers, and more prosperity and financial fortune.

For individuals and families, this offers harmonious relationships with family members, neighbors and friends, increased prosperity and financial fortune, potential for travel, career advancement and greater recognition.

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Reasons to Stage your Property Before Listing
1. Professionally staged properties spend 73% less time on the market
2. Look better than comparable homes on the market
3. Typically sell for more money
4. 96% of buyers view homes on internet first- Professionally staged homes look better in internet ads
5. Professionally staged homes receive more foot traffic
6. End up on buyers MUST SEE list
7. Viewed by buyers as “well maintained”
8. Buyers are willing to pay more for “move-in” ready
9. Buyers have fewer requests for concessions
10. Professionally staged listings “STAND-OUT” in prospective buyer’s minds.