Estate Sales


Quick Evaluation and Proposal ……..FREE

All of our services begin with a FREE initial quick evaluation and proposal. We quickly walk through the inside and outside of the property, taking notes and pictures, along the way. Stage2Move will then prepare a customized proposal based on the amount of work, furnishing and accessories to accomplish the goal to sell your house quicker and for maximum profit.

Consultation and Proposal ..$100.00 (per hr.)

First we begin by discussing your goals, time frame, and budget. Then, we will do a thorough walk through of the inside and outside of your property, as a buyer would and gather those all-important "First Impressions." During this time the homeowners and Realtor are encouraged to take notes, we will discuss the strengths that highlight the home and come up with creative ways to down play its weaknesses. We will give you plenty of ideas and information on how to address each room, so it shows to its fullest potential. At the end of the consultation, we will go over our Staging process and how it can benefit you and the sale of your property. Stage2Move will then prepare a customized proposal based on the amount of work needed and what best fits your needs to accomplish the goal to sell your house quicker and for top dollar. ($50.00 credit will apply towards any future Staging service)

Top 10 " Priority List ……..$150.00

The "Top Ten" Priority List is for the "do-it yourselfer" and for houses that are well on their way to being staged and just need a little extra direction. We will do a thorough walk through of the inside and outside of the property, taking notes and pictures, along the way. Stage2Move will then prepare a customized list that focuses on the ten most important things the seller should do right away to increase the value of their property and obtain a faster sale. We will also prepare a customized proposal for Staging, should you decide to use our services. (A $50.00 credit will apply towards any future Staging service)

Occupied Home Staging

Initial Evaluation and Proposal — After an initial evaluation and a proposal has been excepted Stage2Move will schedule a Staging Day(s) to prepare your property for sale.

Staging Day(s) – We will work with you to prepare your property for sale. This service utilizes organizing and decorating techniques using what you already have and "Re-designing" it in a fresh new way, while incorporating tried and true decorating rules throughout the house. Each of the properties main rooms will be arranged to show off it’s best features and down play its trouble spots. Clutter elimination, organizing, furniture layout, accessories and lighting are just a few of the areas we will consider when Staging each room. And if necessary, we will add a few accessories and/or suggest any updating or repairs.

Recommendations – We may recommend repairs and/or upgrades, we can supply you with a list of our preferred vendors. To complete the look of a beautifully Staged home we might also suggest additional furnishings and/or accessories, to be added to the project. Accessories can also be rented directly from Stage2Move, from our extensive inventory, on a month-to-month basis or we can shop for those items for you.

(One Full Day) of Staging and/or Redesign ……..$500 — $1000

This service is for occupied homes that need minimal or light Staging and/or Redesign. Stage2Move will spend a full day making dramatic transformations to the home. You won’t believe the difference a day can make! We’ will then take lots of photos for your marketing.

New Listing or "Open House" (2 Full Days) …….$1000 — $1500

This service is perfect to make a great first impression for an occupied house that is just about to go on the market or have an Open House! Stage2Move will spend two full days prior to the Broker Preview or Open House. We will spend our time transforming the house into a buyers dream To get top dollar, every home should go through our complete home staging transformation before being listed!

Vacant Home Staging

Vacant houses feel cold and uninviting. Stage2Move will stage your space with our extensive inventory of furniture, accent pillows, bedding, lighting, artwork, decorative mirrors and staging accessories, as well as silk trees, plants and greenery. We base each decor choice on the style that best suits your property’s architecture, style and color scheme. We take care of all the details from start to finish!

Initial Evaluation — We must first perform an initial Evaluation where we review the home taking notes, quick measurements, and photos. Then we will prepare a customized proposal based on the work, furniture and accessories needed to create a warm and inviting home.
Our services include the following:
" Research, appraise and price items in the estate for sale.
" Consign or broker antique pieces or valuable items so as to maximize your return.
" Organize and display the household contents for sale.
" Provide folding tables and locking display cases for valuables.
" Staff the sale with trustworthy help including a security guard if needed.
" Advertise and promote the sale, with street signage, newspaper ads, website postings and our subscriber emails.
" Control access in and around home during the sale, limit entry when necessary.
" Run a cash register that accepts credit cards and collect sales tax if necessary.
" Create a spread sheet from the receipts of the sale for proper accounting.
" Provide a delivery service for local purchases.
" Coordinate any charity donations or rubbish hauling after the sale.
" Arrange for house cleaning, "sweep and paint" or any home restorations needed for the final preparation of your home before its sale or leasing.
" Lease or Sell your property if you choose us as your real estate agent.

Consignment items we remove and store at our expense until we sell or return them. We are proud to say that we have had excellent success doing this in the past and have realized high returns for our clients, pleasantly surprising them.

The initial consultation is free; we come at your convenience to your home to evaluate your situation. If you contract with us, all other follow-up visits will also be free.

We work on a commission bases and like an auction house; we only earn our share when we sell your things. There are no upfront costs and most routine "out of pocket" expenses incurred during the sale we will absorb. Our commission for an Estate Sale works on a sliding scale; starting as low as 29% and varies with the level of intensity the household requires.

We pay the cash proceeds of the sale, less our commission and fees within 15 business days of the last day of the sale. Often we can arrange issuing the cash sales earlier. Any sales made by credit card however, must post to our bank account and require 30 days before we can remit them. This is to protect against any possible chargebacks.

After our consultation, you may feel that consigning individual items to us is the best choice to maximize your return. If mutually agreed, you may wish us to submit those items for auction on your behalf. Any outside consignments we accept will be at 30% of the gross selling price.

We can also refer you to a real estate agent or contractor who we feel will best serve your individual needs. Their rates are competitive and fit the standards of those industries.


What is an Estate Sale?

If you need to clear out a house so that you can sell or rent that property without its original content and if you need to sell that content and quickly convert it into cash, Estate sales are the way to go! They can provide the rapid liquidation of an entire household of possessions, from the finest antiques to the lowliest of junk and do so "in situ", so you need not move or store anything that you wish to sell!

The term "Estate Sale" generally refers to the one time sale of personal property that is normally held inside a home. An estate sale can be held after a death or a divorce or when someone is downsizing or moving to a nursing facility. It differs from a moving sale, yard sale or garage sale in that it infers the liquidation of an estate under the direction of the Fiduciaries and usually involves the entire contents of a household, often accumulated over the course of a lifetime. Why use Stage2Move Resolutions?

As a fiduciary we can help you with the important yet overwhelming and often painful burden of liquidating your estate. With the greatest of respect and years of experience we can help you make your estate sale as stress free and successful as possible. Our antique appraiser can identify and help you sell objects that you might otherwise overlook. Remember, one man's trash is another man's treasure!

We will prepare, advertise and conduct the sale. You can choose to if you wish to supervise us or not. We will also provide an impartial and accurate accounting of the sale results so distribution of the proceeds will be easier for you. How is Stage2Move Resolutions different?

With years of experience and our unique combination of talents, our team will relive you of the stress often associated with searching for and working with multiple companies. You do not need to micro manage or juggle schedules between unrelated firms with their own agendas. You'll save time and money by knowing that you can trust us when you can't be there yourself. We are always here to help, any time, any day!

Can I pick and choose my services?

Yes, we will adapt to your situation. You customize our services to meet your individual needs, use only one or all that we offer and at your own pace.
Carol Davis